Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Then I fell

When first I saw you
you were another guy
a worthless one
I live in my own world
and you came in it
like a riot, an unstoppable riot
then it collapsed
walls were coming down
when you left me alone
alone again

I told you to be patient
and madness never was fine with us
you got the feeling to loving me
bohemian boy, don't be such a coward
and hold me tight in this saturday night

Then it got wasted like our society
but it was good enough to continue it
the voices in my head disappeared
just slow down and help me
with the uncertainty of youth

At the end of the day anger is done
we can still be in love
at least for this night it may come to change us
and we could be glad of our lives
and leave the pathetic excuse of monotony
at the door.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I am not fear of flying

Quiero salir y escapar
de todo lo que me rodea
que me hace infeliz
y me debilita

Salir de la ciudad que enferma
por unos cientos de miles de años
para ser absolutamente libre
de tu egoísmo

Dejar atrás la hipocresía
e ironía
que inundan las calles
con su peste penetrante

Abandonar la monotonía
por la alegría y la rumba
pasearme por última vez
por las sucias avenidas
haciéndome dueña del invierno

Andar por el mundo
riéndole a la vida misma
como si fuera el ultimo día
de mi eterna juventud

Todo se ha dicho
ya di el mayor esfuerzo
es un hecho
me largo al atardecer

No me esperes
ciudad del desprecio
la soledad me acompañará
y estaré bien sin ti.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm not that stronger

are the only witnesses
of my misery
and loneliness

Since people left me
I have been pathetically loved
by the wildness of insecurity

Clearly I am lost
for the human race's disaster.

Romance is boring

Your faceless spirit
is the only way
to get her next to you
to hold her
to kiss her
to love her

Your soul all over her body
is her shield against injuries
the world rapped her
with the fucking selfishness

Your deep blue eyes
are her heart's desire
for the lost evenings of the youth
before the big change

Your senseless words
have eclipsed the love's fever
just whisper "I love you"
for the last minutes
of lucidity

Your heart
never wanted
the end of the world
spending habitually at the bar
waiting for
her smile
her hair
her eyes
her breasts
her love.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying not to be nervous

cuando estás solo
y yo estoy aún más sola

No hay límites
para la imaginación
todo lo que escribes
con tu tinta indeleble y eterna
queda perceptible en la memoria de la humanidad

No hay límites
para la soledad
todo lo que haces o dejas de hacer
queda grabado en el corazón
y en el alma

No hay límites
para la creatividad
todo lo que concibes
usando tus jóvenes y vigorosas manos
es único y se vuelve indispensable
para todos
para mí.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's be heroes, let's be martyrs, let's be radical thinkers

I am really tired of daily bullshit; newspaper's bullshit, tv's bullshit, shit talkers' bullshit, politicians' bullshit, and all kind of bullshit you could imagine. After all is human's bullshit that makes me feel like crap. And it seems that indifference and ignorance are kings today.

While I was listening to some unknown songs, a bunch of thoughts ran trough my mind. Including the youth's indifference. It's a shame that the youth doesn't get involved anymore. I've always admired those martyrs who died for pure causes, who died for a better future. Nowadays a lack youth participation it's notorious. Maybe I born on an incorrect era, maybe I was supposed to born in an advanced period not this one.

I would do everything to inspire the new generations, including my generation. So I have a lengthy message for you. Yes, for you my fellow. I have to suggest you a couple things. First of all never give up, even though your world is crashing down. As well, you have to fight for what you really believe, your beliefs take you to unimaginable places where you could meet erudites, whom could teach you unforgettable and life changing lessons.

Have you ever wonder why do we can't change the world. United together. Is not an utopia. Or it is? I think that we have in our very own hands the power the change. First change our mindsets, then change the world. The real change begins in us. I've always thought it. You have to be the spark, forsake your pride, set things right. To make it real. If we do it, the future will be hopeful. To achieve our dream world. To achieve a full-of-tolerance world. As well I've learned that we can't ignore our social reality. Even if you refused to it, someday the truth will emerge. You can't ignore the children dying because of hungry, neither the climate change and it's worldwide consequences.

Or can you stand by while our world crashes down?

Back to the start.

Creíste haber despertado
"Ya no más", clamabas vestido de blanco
protestando en el centro
y recordando que el blanco se ensucia rápido
"Ya no seré indiferente", pensabas y te engañabas
al ver la realidad en la cara de los desamparados

Criticabas todo lo que podías
para que los demás pensaran diferente al ver tu rostro
creíste ser una chispa cambiante de tu oscura generación

Pero al mismo tiempo
tu hipocresía brotaba a flor de piel
hasta llegó a apestar más que el propio basurero

Con los días tu valentía disminuía
junto con tu protagonismo
a las semanas regresabas a la monotonía
e ignorancia, que tanto te caracterizaban
Y finalmente, tu indiferencia regresó.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Soy dueña de la soledad.

No tiemblo por el frío
tiemblo por la soledad
que cala mis huesos
que me hace inmune a la vida
que me deja indefensa ante la perversidad

Tiemblo por la agonía
que provoca una vida solitaria
que me aleja de todo
que me aleja de ella y el
que me aleja de ti

Tiemblo por la incertidumbre
que la noche provoca en mi
que el futuro trae consigo
que el vacío crea dentro

Tiemblo en noviembre y diciembre
siempre tiemblo
tiemblo sola
sola tiemblo.

Everything is my fault

I’m so tired of everywhere
Oh, gross place, you have nothing to offer me
I’m flattered, but buildings aren’t my type

I’m so tired of everyone
including them and you
of those fakes around the corner

I’m so tired of everything
I have made questionable things
to them
to you
to me

Decadence is my fault
only mine.